Experience with Orphans Changes Perspective

To encourage more local families to visit orphanages and foster relationships with orphaned children, Allies invited public elementary school students and their parents to join a recent trip to a children's center. The experience proved enlightening and enjoyable for the young students and their family members, all of whom went home with a changed perspective.

The day was filled with good cheer as the students met and got to know the orphans in the center. They played, danced and watched a film called "12 Months." By the end, all of the students were asking for a chance to return and spend more time with the new friends they had made.

"It was super cool! At first, I was afraid to visit, but then one boy, whose name was Nazar, came up to me and introduced himself," said David, one of the students. "After that, we played table football together. I liked the concert too. They also invited our grade to come visit them at their school."

The parents were equally happy and moved by the encounter. "I was very moved by visiting this orphanage and meeting the children," one mother said. "I would not mind my son befriending these children, and, like other parents who joined, would love to invite them to spend the weekend with us at our home."



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