Orphans Spend Weekend with Families

Immersive experiences help usto better understand the world and other people around us. For some families in Eastern Europe this entailed welcoming orphans into their homes and giving the children a taste of what everyday life is like in a normal, family-oriented environment.

The program lasted for one weekend, with 10 children brought to 5 temporary foster families. While inthe homes, the children were encouraged to familiarize themselves with daily activities, such as doing light chores, preparing meals, eating together as a family, and –to the orphans’ delight – playing with their foster siblings and pets.

“Once, I had a family. Then I was brought to an orphanage... and eventually, to the school-orphanage,”Marianna, one of the orphans who participated in the program, remarked. “It was so wonderful tobeinvited by a family this weekend. I played with another little girl, and together, we played with their dog and cat. I would love togo back there again.”

The Allies volunteer who facilitated the program shared that there was a noticeable change in the children’s attitudes when they returned to the school-orphanage. “After they spent some time with the families, the children changed for the better,” the volunteer noted. “They became kinder, and now, look forward to receiving another invitation from the families.”



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