Know Jesus, Know Love

To know Jesus is to know love. By continuing to model Christ’s love during each visit, Allies volunteers hope to fulfill their calling by creating a lasting positive impact on the lives of young orphans.

“I am in this ministry because this is the desire of my heart,” volunteer Daniel, 15, said. “I know these children need help and I try to do my best in order to support them. I really hope that I would help them to get to know Jesus; He can really change their life to the best it can be.”

This group of volunteers’ recent trip, which took place shortly before Valentine’s Day, coincided with a special program that the children had prepared. There was time for fun activities, such as singing, dancing, poetry reading and plays, and a time for reflection, during which the volunteers discussed Bible verses about love.

The children, though shy at first, were glad to have spent the day with the volunteers – and their smiles further widened when they were given gifts and treats, made possible through the generosity of Allies partners.

Vasya, 11, is always eager to welcome the volunteers. Despite suffering from a disability that limits his mobility, he never fails to run up to his friends in absolute excitement when they arrive at the orphanage.

“They are dear to me and I love it very much you come to visit,” Vasya told the volunteers. “I enjoy the time we spend together, playing games, sharing stories and gifts, and doing fellowship.”



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