In God We Should Always Trust

God never fails us. When we trust Him and His promises, we are sure to be delivered from earthly challenges and obstacles, and continuously live in hope.

The Bible is full of stories of God’s faithfulness. During a recent visit, Allies volunteers told young orphans in Chisinau the amazing story of the Wall of Jericho, and how it shows how much faith can do in trying times.

"I am grateful to God for the opportunity to serve these children. It is amazing how much love, attention, fellowship, support and care can bring change and make a difference," one of the volunteers shared. "The children were very shy during our initial visits, and did not want to have much contact with us. Now, they are very different. They have begun to trust us and participate in everything we do with much joy." 

Apart from sharing God’s word and imparting valuable teachings, the volunteers prepared games and singing activities, which helped make the children feel more at ease and comfortable. The treats and gifts that were acquired through the generosity of Allies partners made them even happier.

Katalina, a little girl with a cheerful smile, was so ecstatic to receive her gift (a pair of slippers), that she hurriedly ran up to the volunteers to personally say her thanks. "Look! This is what you gave me," she said. "I wear them with joy. Thank you for coming to see us again."



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