God is Greater than Any Obstacle

God will carry us through every storm. Whether it be in the literal or figurative sense, the Lord faithfully fulfills this promise to His people in His perfect time. Allies volunteers in Chisinau can bear witness to this truth.

A recent trip to an orphanage in the capital city of Moldova almost encountered additional road blocks due to bad weather. It had been snowing hard for several days, posing danger to travelers. The volunteers, however, knew that the children were waiting for them to arrive. So they did what they always do when faced with a seemingly impossible situation – they prayed.

As they braved the snow-filled roads, their prayers did not cease. In the end, they were not unheard, and all volunteers managed to reach the orphanage safely – cold but happy. The children’s joy was apparent, having initially anticipated that the snow would deter the volunteers from coming.

There was much singing and sharing that day, with the volunteers telling the children about the story of Ruth, who also found hope and refuge under the Lord’s wings. When the program drew to a close, a young girl by the name of Gabriella stood in the middle of the room and asked for a minute of silence. Then, she spoke:

"Thank you very much that, in spite of the weather, you still came. Thank you for arranging a wonderful event for us."

The volunteers could not help but be moved by the unexpected gesture. They too were grateful, and they offered all the glory to God.

"I am thankful to God for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful project," one of them shared. "It is so great to spend time with the children and to tell them about the marvel of God's plan and love."



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