Guest Speakers Teach Unknowing Children About the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Vices can adversely affect anyone’s life, but for orphans who lack the proper parental guidance and education, they can be detrimental. Proper mentoring is all the more necessary for these children, so that they will learn how to recognize dangerous substances – and what to do to avoid them.

For a recent visit, Allies volunteers initiated a discussion that centered on alcohol and drug dependency. Many of the children who were part of the meeting have parents who have a problem with substance abuse, and there is always a high possibility the children will follow the same path. As part of the discussion, a video documenting the consequences of using drugs was shown. Sergey, a volunteer and a director of a rehabilitation center in Maykop, also spoke and shared his experience, which was very powerful and effective.

“I was pleased to receive an invitation to participate in this program. I have many life experiences that these orphans may find relatable or familiar: troubled family, loss of parents, life in the orphanage, a terrible alcohol addiction, unemployment, losing a home and even jail,” Sergey said openly. “It was a very difficult recovery period, but it was all possible with God's help. Now I feel I am called to share my story, to show these children the blessed way that leads to a life filled with joy. I’ve seen too many broken lives. I want all these children to have a happy life!"

Champion weighlifter Alexander Manchenko was also present. He talked about the benefits of sports, detailing the rewards that result from hard work and persistency. He also shared how easy it would be to fall into a vice-filled lifestyle – from one innocent cigarette to drinking alcohol during holidays – but that if you work at building your life in the right direction, success will eventually come.

“Our teachers and our director talked to us about such things very often, but we sometimes do not take it seriously. Today, however, I was greatly impacted,” 15-year-old Julya explained, describing the impact that the activity had on her. “The video showed people suffering terribly because of drug abuse, and innocent children being born with abnormalities. I did not know about these things. I hope this meeting had as great an impression on the younger children as it had on me!”

Tackling such heavy topics is important for children who grow up without proper guidance and education. There are no easy answers for children like Julya. Without intervention, Julya and other orphans are eventually put in danger by those outside the orphanage –danger that can be avoided by simply providing the proper counseling and education by partners like you.



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