Easter: An Experience of Hope and Renewal

There are many holidays that we celebrate as followers of Jesus. Christmas is highly anticipated, with families coming together in jubilant reunion, children restless with excitement as their hands tear open gifts and treats. At the center of it all, the birth of our Savior. But just as our faith draws strength from the miracle of Christ’s birth, so do we find hope and renewal in His ultimate sacrifice and resurrection. This, beyond any Easter egg hunt or secular tradition, is what Allies wants orphans to see and experience.

“I always look forward to these moments. Christmas and Easter are important holidays during which we are free to share what we most value – our faith in God,” Evgeniya, a regular Allies volunteer, said at a recent Easter trip to a Maykop orphanage. “Without Him, our life has no purpose. These children especially need to know this. They need support and confidence because they have been betrayed by people close to them.”

Many of the children who end up in the orphanage suffer from emotional distress, having been born into dysfunctional households and to parents deemed unfit to care for them. Allies volunteers aim to fill the void in these children’s hearts by modeling Christ’s love and helping them better understand the true meaning of Christianity.

For Easter, the volunteers prepared special lessons based on the Stations of the Cross, making sure each station was presented in a context that would be relatable to the children. Some of the volunteers donned Jewish clothing to make the storytelling more effective. The children, some of whom had previously learned about Easter from relatives or through Church, engaged with enthusiasm and were able to demonstrate their knowledge during quiz time.

“Today we received a lot of interesting information,” 12-year-old Jenni shared. “Before, I thought Easter was all about tasty baked goods and painting Easter eggs. I had no idea that Easter is about Jesus Christ, his painful death and resurrection. It was interesting and scary to hear about events of that time: the betrayal of loved ones and the crucifixion; but reassuring to learn about his miraculous resurrection!”

As with any Allies visit, the children were given basic necessities and clothing items. The gifts were warmly received, and the volunteers left with a grateful heart, knowing they were able to do God’s work for those who need Him most.

“Our church is praying for each of these children and for their future life!” Evgeniya added. “I hope that from the little seed we plant every time we come here, there will grow a big tree of peace, kindness and faith!"

Significant, life-changing moments of instruction and reflection for these children and other orphans in Eastern Europe happen only through the help of partners like you. Your investment into our programs will empower these children and provide a better future. Join us today in this amazing work!


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