Deep Impressions

When young men and women share their time volunteering in orphanages across Eastern Europe, oftentimes they look forward to being able to make a difference in children’s lives. Quite unexpectedly, they come to realize that volunteering has a significant impact on them as well.

“This is my second time in South Ossetia. Each time I go home, I am full of emotions. The trip made a deep impression on me,” Andrey, 22, revealed. “I am touched by the children’s openness and their desire to talk.”

He and his fellow volunteers visited an orphanage in time for Christmas, preparing simple yet relevant activities for the holiday. There were games and contests, with prizes being given to the top performers. They also took the time to sing songs, an activity which is always well-appreciated, as well as made drawings and wrote letters with the children.

These events are highly anticipated and kept as treasured memories, as the children rarely experience it in their young lives. Poverty is widespread in the country. Poor health is also prevalent. Amina, one of the 41 orphans in the center, is diabetic. Her condition is stable, thanks to the insulin treatments she receives, but she cannot help but feel sad. Her dream is simple: to get well and study well—and, perhaps, receive a big stuffed toy as a gift.

“I really want to help these children, to do something good for them,“Andrey added. “In spite of their difficult life and unfortunate living conditions, they still actively participate in all of our events."



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