New Games for the New Year

Welcoming a new year is always invigorating. To help orphans in Omsk look forward to 2018, Allies volunteers prepared specially-themed activities, all of which the children participated in with much fervor and glee.

In one game, the children were asked to pick from a sack filled with pieces of paper, and then perform whatever task was written on each sheet. The result was entertaining for all to see: one child had to show how Santa Claus would pull a New Year tree through the woods, while another had to recite a New Year’s poem. Artyom, whose older sister is enrolled in the volunteer team’s tutoring program, had to pretend that he was a president—and give a speech addressing the nation. He earned much praise, speaking with humor and in a manner that sounded very official indeed! Active and bright, Artyom has been recommended for the tutoring program.

There was also a game wherein the children each had to give names starting with a certain letter that’s related to the New Year. The group game, meanwhile, was met with equal enthusiasm. The volunteers divided the children into teams, and proceeded to playfully challenge them to a game akin to "rock, paper, scissors."

It was not only the themed games that excited the children. They also had great fun playing volleyball outdoors, and making delicious cakes, which they heartily consumed during a special tea party with the volunteers.

The day’s activities helped the children to open up more and practice their social skills.There was also plenty of opportunity for the volunteers to have private interactions with every child.Valeria, a new volunteer from Omsk University’s Department of Social Work, was highly keen on playing and organizing the children, especially the younger ones. She said she didn’t realize just how much care and attention the orphans needed, and was happy to receive their sincere requests for her to return in the future.



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