Let There Be Light, and Music!

Children from an orphanage in Maykop celebrated the arrival of the New Year with a trip to the Philharmonic Society of the Adygea Republic. The trip was made possible with the help of local tax services workers, including Iya, a regular volunteer.

“This is not the first time we helped children from the shelter,” Iya explained, who, along with her colleagues, purchased school supplies for the children back in September. “Every time we meet, it is an emotional experience. It takes us a few days to recover.”

This is not surprising, as it is common for Allies volunteers to be deeply affected by these trips—especially since the children can hardly contain their joy and excitement whenever the activities begin. In this case, the children were in absolute awe of the Philharmonic, with a few sharing about previous trips they had taken with their families. For those who were seeing the center for the first time, it was a particularly memorable trip, with the big hall, balconies and stage leaving a definite impression. A special performance was even prepared for the children and the volunteers, after which they were ushered into the hall with the Christmas tree for some games and dancing.

“It’s really impossible to forget their sincere look, gratitude and longing for protection,” Iya said of the children. “You will truly feel the urge to hug and take care of them. It’s hard not to wonder how parents can allow these children to be in such dire conditions.”

Dima, one of the orphans, has had his fair share of parental troubles—and he’s only 11 years old. His mother has been deemed unfit to care for him for now, but when she came to the Philharmonic to surprise Dima and join the excursion, he was incredibly happy. He even made sure not to leave her side.

Their current situation is unfortunate and filled with uncertainty, as it is typical for parents to visit once in awhile, only to disappear for long periods of time. In Dima’s case, his mother promises to take him back in a few months, as she is now in the process of replacing documents she had lost in a house fire. There is reason to be hopeful, and for now, Iya and her co-volunteers can only pray that everything will go well for Dima and the others.

“We are very glad to cooperate with Allies because your organization gives them what no other sponsor has—warmth, care, attention and friendship—everything they don’t have,” Iya said. “We will continue to work with you. How wonderful it is to know that there are still many kind people with open hearts, ready to help others in distress.”



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