Families in Maykop Continue to Receive God’s Blessings

The Christmas season never fails to bring smiles, but this time around, the holiday felt even more special for one family in Maykop.

The “Alexanders,” long-time friends of Allies and a loving foster family, celebrated Christmas with immense gratitude in their hearts, having recently achieved two milestones: moving into their new home and completing payment on land privatization. They have been working and praying hard for these blessings, and by the mercy and kindness of God, they received them at last! They admit that there is still much to do, such as get the second floor ready and build the children’s playground and sports area, but they are confident that God will see to the fruition of those goals as well.

Meanwhile, foster parents Irina and Sergey welcomed another child into their home. Boris, 11, was taken from his biological parents, who were found to be neglectful. His unfortunate situation is further compounded by the behavior of his mother, who has attempted to turn the child against his foster family. It has made things more difficult for everybody involved, but the Lord continues to bless Irina and Sergey with the wisdom and strength that they need to get through this ordeal.

The orphans from the children’s center have received blessings as well, thanks to the generosity of Allies partners. For the Christmas celebration, the volunteers were able to prepare fun activities and contests with prizes, as well as distribute sweets to the children. While not everyone could participate in and watch the Christmas performance (some of the children were feeling under the weather), all received warmth and care.

“It is always pleasant to make gifts and see sincere happiness and joy in these children!” said volunteer Larisa. “Thank you to the partners of Allies for such an opportunity!”



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