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Saving Orphans Through the Allies Mentoring Program

Did you know the life expectancy of an orphan is less than age 30? They age out of orphanages sometimes as early as age 15 without life skills or guidance. This reality is why orphans are at high risk for homelessness, addiction, suicide, and human trafficking. The Allies Mentoring Program (AMP) is the foundation of Allies in Youth Development to prevent orphans from becoming another statistic.

How Does It Work?

We created a network of area leaders who work with volunteer coordinators to organize groups of in-country volunteers to visit orphanages. These regular visits are a way to build friendships, provide healing, and teach orphans life skills they need for a successful future. This necessary human connection shows orphans they are not alone and gives them emotional, educational, and spiritual support.

Learn how our mentoring program paved the way to provide immediate aid to Ukraine when the war began in February 2022.



Allies In The News

A huge thank you to the wonderful reporters, news administrators, and hosts for helping spread the word about the mission of Allies and how Allies is providing relief during the conflict in Ukraine.

Who Do We Serve

  • 22 Countries Worldwide
*2022 year-end numbers

Celebrating Success Stories

We're so excited to share some stories of our orphans finding the path to success! We invite you to read about them.

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Allies in Youth Development
engages orphans through nurturing friendships,
modeling biblical love, and providing education –

Empowering: Life Change


What is Life Like for an Eastern European Orphan?

Get a glimpse of the daily challenges children face in the orphanage.



By training and engaging in-country volunteers, we cultivate a culture of involvement that
benefits orphans in and outside the orphanage.

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Orphans need education, training, and opportunities. Proper skills development through our education
programs ensures their success and safety when it's
time for them to lead independent lives.

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Abandonment can lead any child down the wrong path. Restoring their motivation, self-worth, and dignity empowers them to make better choices, improves educational abilities, and forms a foundation for success.

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3-Year Plan

The odds are stacked against orphans, but Allies has a plan. Read how Allies is making a difference in the lives of thousands of orphans each year through human connection, education, and life skills and how you can be a part of it.

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Empathy, Growth, and Connection: Stories from Nakatindi Community

Every visit to the Nakatindi Community is like opening a book of heartwarming stories, with each page more moving than the last. As we walked through their gates, we were enveloped by an overwhelming sense of homecoming, thanks to the gleaming smiles and eager hugs of the children. Despite the adversities they've faced, their resilience is unmistakable and their zest for life unmatched.


A Bright Spot in Peru - Director Spotlight

Lizbeth Quispe

Allies Regional Director of Latin America


Nurturing Nature: Your Donations Cultivate Knowledge & Hope!

Understanding God's Creation & Our Role in It

Embracing the wisdom of the Bible, we dove deep into the significance of ecology in our most recent program. Drawing inspiration from scriptures like Genesis 2:15 and Genesis 1:11, the children were enlightened about humanity's vital role as stewards of Earth. They learned that ecology is more than just a scientific concept—it's an interconnected relationship between humans and nature, crucial for our survival and prosperity.


Shaping Tomorrow's Communicators

Imagine a room bustling with 103 curious children and 6 dedicated volunteers, all united by a singular purpose: to master the art of communication. This recent program, made possible by you, offered these young minds the chance to explore and redefine what communication means to them. From lively discussions to creative activities like art exploration, your support is laying the foundation for them to navigate their worlds with confidence and clarity.


How You Can Help?


Your partnership provides mentorship, education, and physical necessities for the orphans and others in need.

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Come to our “packing parties” to prepare boxes of donations shipped worldwide to orphanages.

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Donate new hygiene items, school supplies, new or gently used children’s clothing, shoes, underwear, and toys.

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Help Orphans Life Change

Through Education, Mentorship, Hope and Love

Read stories of recent orphanage visits by our team and what kinds of improvements the children are making because of love and attention from someone who cares.

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