What Tiffany Had to Say About Her Trip to Moldova

Meet Tiffany (in the middle)! She went with us on our summer trip to Moldova. Here's what she had to say about her trip...

"I wanted to go to Moldova because I love working with kids. Right now, I'm employed at a school where I do skill building and conflict resolution with kids who have trouble.

I want to be a part of something that I could contribute to that will be sustainable. I love AiYD's vision of using in-country university students to mentor orphans. This is a sustainable model that can help a lot of kids. If Americans just visit and then leave, those relationships fizzle and it's harder to make a long-term impact. We need to keep working with the locals.

I remember one day while in Moldova, we played volleyball for nearly three hours with the locals. It really struck me how we are from such difficult cultures and economic statuses, but how easy it is to still connect.

I hope to go back sometime this summer and teach kids what I teach them here in the US: skill building and conflict resolution."