Orphans Discover the True Source of Wisdom

A lesson in wisdom was what Allies volunteers prepared for orphanages in two neighboring districts in Moldova. The volunteers, some of whom are former orphans themselves, were excited to return and share more of God’s Word with the children.

“It is easy for me to understand those children, because I am myself grew up in the orphanage,” Ekaterina, 16, said. “That is why I want to become a friend for them, to take care of them, to share love with them.”

17-year-old Andreana had similar sentiments about going back to the orphanage.“Because I myself grew up in the orphanage, I know how great it is when someone who loves you wants to help and support you and comes to visit.”

On both occasions, the day’s activities kicked off with lively games and contests, followed by a round of singing to give the children a chance to learn the songs by heart. Then came the story of Solomon, as dramatized by the Allies volunteers. The purpose of the play was to impart upon the children that the one and only source of true Wisdom is God our Father. The Bible verses that were incorporated into the play resonated well not only with the children but also with the teachers, who watched intently as well. The play culminated with prayer time, and the volunteers distributed treats and gifts to the children as part of the ongoing fellowship. In honor of the new fall season, the orphans in Hincesti District also got to make wreaths with the volunteers, which they were quick to wear on their heads and keep as a special souvenir.

“I love the days when you are here with us,” said Dima, an 11-year-old orphan at Hincesti. “We hope you do not make us wait too long before your next visit. Please come sooner because we miss you so much. Thank you for your friendship!”

Kolya, 9, shared the same feelings of longing and joy, and expressed her gratitude to the volunteers for having returned to visit them. “Today is a wonderful day. The sun is shining and you finally came! I love when you come to visit us. It is so interesting! Thank you for everything!”


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