Christ’s Love in Action

To model Christ’s love is the best way to teach it to others, especially to those who have only known deprivation and spiritual lack. In fulfillment of this ministry, Allies volunteers returned to an orphanage in Hincesti, Chisinau in the hopes of giving the children another meaningful opportunity to learn about and experience true love.

“We are called to love our family and to take care of people who are in need,” Elena, a volunteer, said. “Our ministry is the manifestation of our love for others, and a reflection of God’s work in our hearts.”

The day opened with fellowship activities, with the children excitedly talking about what they had been doing since the volunteers’ last visit to the orphanage. There was no scarcity of laughter – the sound which was music to the volunteers’ ears – nor was there a shortage of energy, as the children merrily participated in the games and singing activities. When it was time to read and discuss Bible verses, the children listened well and responded with enthusiasm.

“Orphans need our care and attention the most,” added Elena, who, along with her co-volunteers, also gifted the children with cards containing relevant Bible passages.“Our responsibility is to be with them now, giving them joy and hopefully influence their future life through God’s Word.”

Indeed, the volunteers’ presence, along with their sincere efforts to share Christ’s love, made a difference, as the children were grateful to have been thought of and remembered.

“Do you know how happy we are when you come to visit us?” Igor, 10, said. “The games and contests are always so much fun. Thank you for not forgetting us.”