Learning from Peers Enriches Perspective on Ministry Work

When we open our hearts and minds to others, we stand to learn a lot. Allies volunteers recently connected with a volunteer group based in the city of Yaroslavl, who had much to share about what they have gone through as social service workers.

“It is great that we have an opportunity to share and exchange experiences with each other,” Luda, the leader of the volunteer team, said. “It is so interesting to see how ministry among orphans in Adygea is developing.”

The volunteer team had humble beginnings, launching with six members. Throughout the years (10 to be exact – and counting!), Luda and her co-volunteers put great effort into maneuvering the twists and turns of building their relationship, and organizing relevant events for orphans and graduated orphans.

“We have a great team now, but we went through a lot in order to get here,” Luda explained. “Each of us was dedicated to this ministry, and had sincere concern and interest in it. We make it a point to get together often, spend time together, discuss our plans and ideas during meetings. We each have a duty to fulfill – and we each take responsibility for it.”

The Allies volunteers were grateful for the opportunity to converse with Luda and her team. The interaction enriched their perspective and affirmed the importance of what they are doing for orphaned children and teens, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

"This meeting was very beneficial. Communicating with peers who are committed to the same mission is always so exciting,” Zhenya, a volunteer for Allies, shared. “We took note of the different program structure and new ideas. It was very interesting to hear about how they became the team that they are now. We will also pray for others to join with more permanency and show dedication to our ministry."

Every Allies project is undertaken with the aim to inspire and empower more youth to participate in our God-given mission to give orphans a fair chance at life. Your prayers and financial generosity bless many deserving children in Eastern Europe. As always, we thank you, and hope for your continued partnership.