Sunny Weather Adds Light and Warmth to Fellowship Activities

It’s always a happy time when Allies volunteers visit orphanages to check up on the children and their progress, but sunny weather adds a unique burst of excitement and cheer. The 15-person volunteer team that recently headed to a Chisinau orphanage eagerly planned for some fun under the sun for the center’s youth residents.

The day kicked off with outdoor games. The volunteers came thoroughly prepared, even bringing along colorful balloons to make their meeting feel more special. On top of some games, the older children got to play football with some of the volunteers, while the other kids took that time to chat with the rest of the team.

“While the guys were playing football, the group of girls joined volunteer Aneteliya,” one of the volunteers said. “It was so wonderful to see them talking all together. They even took turns reading verses from their New Testament Bibles, which we had given to them. They were really enjoying it!”

The group also enjoyed a few indoor activities, including other games and contents. Ruslan, a seasoned Allies volunteer, led the children in song and told the story of Moses, emphasizing the importance of faith in everyday life. Time was also set aside for prayer – the most important part of every meeting – and for gift-giving.

“Please pray for me, so I would be able to stay here longer,” Olya, a 14-year-old told volunteers. “And you thank you for coming to visit us and for your help.”

Olya is just one of many orphans who carries the burden of an uncertain future due to severe financial constraints. Allies works closely with orphans to provide mentoring and assistance that can protect them from human trafficking, substance abuse and other dangers. We ask all our partners to earnestly pray for Olya and her fellow orphans, and to encourage others to learn about what we do and get involved. Your partnership is literally saving lives!


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