One Visit Leads to New Ministry for Volunteer

It was just another day at the office for 26-year-old Daniel – until their director spoke to him and his colleagues about donating to an orphanage. When he found out that the orphanage had been the one to ask for help, Daniel decided to take it a step further and visit the children himself.

“Since that time, I’ve had a desire to help,” he said, recalling the life-changing moment that led him to his volunteer work with Allies. “In the church I attend, we have a group of young people who feed homeless people. I wanted to widen the scope of our ministry, so I gathered a team and right now, we are trying to help orphanages and shelters.”

Daniel is part of a flourishing group of volunteers who are joyfully sharing their time to give orphaned children much-needed support and attention. They engage them in creative activities, such as a master class in handmade crafts, and good-old-fashioned playtime, tossing the ball outside and drawing with chalks on the ground. Simple yet meaningful interactions like these help the children feel cared for and loved, countering their early experience of neglect and, for some, physical abuse.

We want to empower and inspire young people like Daniel to keep serving and ministering among orphans in Eastern Europe. Your interest and involvement makes that possible. Together, we can all give the youth a better chance of leading fruitful lives in Christ.