Allies Team Members Return, Share News from Overseas

A handful of Allies team members recently returned from trips to Moldova and Vietnam with stories of progress, hope and love. Carla Fink, long-time Allies supporter and U.S. volunteer, visited a few Moldova orphanages and spoke in two classes at a theater magnet school in Chisinau, where they engaged 7th and 10th graders.

During their school visit they shared about the challenges children in the orphanage face and how and why they should help. This sparked the students’ interest, and now a number of them are interested in volunteering!

Among the orphanages was one in Hinchesti, where 25 children with special needs live. While many children live in the orphanage for different reasons – such as unhealthy family situations, no family at all, or just pushed out because of their special needs – their bleak situations are very common. Life can be difficult in these places, and many don’t have bathrooms or even running water. Meaningful visits by the Allies team and volunteers always cheer them up.

“Our volunteers shower all these children with love when they visit every month. Today’s message by Max was about friendship. The volunteers have extended their hand of friendship to these children, and the mutual love is evident when you look at the children’s faces.” Carla said.

At another orphanage, children were showed with fun activities and lessons.

“About 30 children are here; some live here permanently and others go home at night.

Our wonderful volunteers sang songs with the kids, gave a Bible lesson, played games, and gave them treats... all while having fun and showing the children that they are loved… ”

Meanwhile, on the other side of Asia, Dr. Tatiana Baeva, Director of International Relations, Frederick Tran, Vietnam Coordinator for Allies, and Nadya Dzhaparidze, Assistant Director of Area Development, visited Vietnam for a number of weeks.

Their objectives included interviewing and filling an in-country Director position, visiting and identifying orphanages that might be a fit for the Allies program, as well as seeing what life looks like in some of these. As usual, they brought special gifts for and interacted with the children.

While at one of the orphanages, children showered the team with songs. At another orphanage, after handing out toys to the children and playing with them, the children wouldn’t let them leave and were pleading with them to stay longer!

“Because of you, we were able to visit these orphanages in the Khanh Hoa province of Vietnam. It’s the Lunar New Year here and we were able to share in the tradition of giving orphans a lucky red envelope for the new year as well as other gifts. You are the reason we are able to start a program to help these children and we can’t thank you enough.” Frederick said.

In Vietnam, in order for orphans to receive any financial support from the government, both of their parents must be deceased. If they have met the criteria set by the government, the most aid each child receives is $19 a month.