Encouraging Kids to Dream Big

One of the first questions adults often ask children is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Then we receive a host of answers: doctor, fire fighter, singer, teacher, mother, magician. Dreaming about our future is a natural part of childhood for most of us, but for many children who grow up in an orphanage, it is an exercise that must be done deliberately.

Allies’ volunteers recently helped the children to think about their dreams. “We brought white posters where we asked them to draw and list what their dreams are, what future they dream about, who they would like to be, what they might want to buy, and where they want to study,” a volunteer reported.

“We motivated them to dream without fear and that inspite of many difficulties, we have to believe in ourselves. Don’t believe in those who tell you that you will not get anywhere, because if you work, then you can get there.”

The exercise reminded the children that they are free to dream and to dream big—and that there’s nothing they can’t do if they work hard. These are important words to remind children at orphanages who might not have initially grown up in loving and encouraging environments.

The recent visit was also a special one because one of the day’s volunteers, Alina, previously lived in the same shelter. She was welcomed with open arms and everyone at the shelter was very proud of her. Because of her heart to give return and give back, the director requested for her to speak to a boy who often tries to escape the orphanage.

Through the work of Allies, these children who need unconditional love and encouragement are able to constantly hear positive words and messages that will help them to become healthy and productive adults.

Our hope and prayer is that the children we serve will one day see their big dreams come to pass and give back to orphanages too, just like Alina.