Simple Makes an Impact


An exciting day of board games, riddles, and songs was the day’s highlight for 18 children at orphanage in Enakievo city, which is 90 kilometers from Donetsk.  


After the children warmed up from an afternoon of fun, Allies volunteers transitioned into discussion timeThe children were challenged with a few questions, like, “What are morals? What makes a person do bad things? Or good things? ”  


These sound like simple questions, but without proper guidance, these young boys and girls may not give these questions a second thought. Asking them questions that cause them to think about morals and the kind of people that they want to become are important in leading them towards brighter futures. These children often cannot visualize their future because no one has modeled a positive life to them, and they have no one to help them – no one except for their Allies friends. 


Some of the words that came up were compassion and kindness, two qualities that we hope to teach the children a deeper understanding and application of. 


Another topic discussed with the older group was the seven rules of developing skill in our daily life. Healthy habits and discipline are the keys to success in adulthood. As they enter into young adulthood, we also hope to instill a posture of learning and a growth mindset.