Harry Potter Themed Event a Big Hit

Harry Potter has not lost its magic but continues to draw new fans and also excite the old ones.

With the help of our friends from Omsk State University and Omsk Rotaract Club, our volunteers managed to organize a collection of enchanted Harry Potter activities to bring wonder and imagination into the lives of children in the orphanage, bringing JK Rowling’s books to life through hands-on magical activities, each with an educational twist.

Kids were divided into 4 teams (Faculties of Hogwarts) and volunteers helped teams to find out the “game stations” and supported them in every moment of the game.

All of the Harry Potter-themed game stations were aimed at uniting children, team building, development of communication and leadership skills, broadening the horizons of children’s knowledge.

At the end of the activity, kids were presented with gift boxes filled with candies along with table games sponsored by “Mosigra”, a shop that specializes with fun circle and table games.

Thanks to the 15 volunteers who worked for a month to make this event possible, it was interesting to see the team spirit between the kids and the volunteers throughout the games. Thanks to Natalia Baranova of the Rotaract Club who has initiated this project.

When we first met Shohin, a 13-year-old boy in the orphanage, he immediately caught our attention. Shohin is well behaved, polite, smart and very persistent in problem-solving. One of our volunteers met him in the orphanage several months ago when his grandfather was supposed to get custody of him. After waiting for months, his grandfather never came back for him – and we did not succeed in contacting him afterward. Shohin was very sad and depressed. We were very excited to see Shohin smiling and having a nice time during our Harry Potter activities.

Afteward Shohin showed us his photo of him dressed as a firefighter. The photo filled our hearts with emotions. Shohin has so much potential for good in his life, but has lacked love and guidance. We are dedicated to making sure Shohin and children like him have someone to help prepare them for the best and brightest future.