Tears of Joy – Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

I love spending time and playing with the children, and have since I was very young. I admire their endless energy, honesty, creativity, flexibility, and resilience. Many children are shy or “slow to warm up,” they are uneasy or cautious in new situations or with unfamiliar people. They stay on the “sidelines” for a while, watching what others are doing until they feel comfortable enough to join in. Children are among the most engaging and most intriguing people you can be around. They have the same rights to culture as adults, but their circumstances create challenges that can only be met with determination, creativity, and integrity. I think it is this challenge that makes spending time with children and young people incredibly rewarding.

Our participation with Allies In Youth Development is a gift and a wonderful opportunity to share our blessings with children who have lost their first line of protection - their parents. During our arrival at the camp, it amazed me to see the administrators and children very happy to see us.

We played with the children, served food and drinks, handed gifts, conducted a few contests. Then we went to the gazebo where we taught about building friendships and spent most of our time on thoughtful discussions and community building activities. They were delighted to acquired our new knowledge, which we know will benefit them as they grow older.

As we were about to finish our activities, a child named Dima attracted our attention. Dima was born with cerebral palsy. He has problems swallowing and has eye muscle imbalance, in which his eyes don't focus on the same object. He also has a reduced range of motion at various joints of his body due to muscle stiffness so he has to be carried around with a wheelchair.

His wheelchair has become too small for him, so much so that it has become very uncomfortable and unsafe. His caretaker has not done anything about the situation so we decided to start a campaign on social media.

After just 5 minutes, somebody called and told us that they wanted to donate a brand new wheelchair for Dima! Another group of people offered medication to improve his condition and help him enjoy the best possible quality of life! What a blessing.

It’s amazing how God brings the right people at the right time to help, regardless of your circumstances. Dima teared up with joy when he learned someone cared enough about him to buy him a brand new wheelchair! I was humbled to be a part of this life-changing moment for Dima. Thank you to all those who helped create this wonderful experience of love and compassion for Dima.