Allies Trips 2020: See What Fun You’re Missing!

Childhood should be the happiest and the most carefree, curiosity-filled time in one’s life, and just because a child lost his or her parents doesn’t mean that he or she should be deprived of a normal childhood.

Each child deserves a life filled with laughter, adventure, and learning experiences, and as adults we should understand that and do what it takes to make sure they get that. The challenge is every child does not have equal opportunity, care and affection from their parents and family.

Spending several days in Omsk was one of the most rewarding experiences for me this year. When we first arrived, I was surprised to see what little the children have in terms of both material and emotional support. While the facilities were okay in general, many children did not even have their own bar of soap, and throughout the day there was little support from caretakers.

At first, some of the children were timid and curious as to what a bunch of strangers were doing visiting them, but within several minutes of us being there I’ve never experienced a group of children wanting as much love and attention as these.

The days were full of playing games, learning, sports, music, food, cuddles and laughter and was a real eye opener as to how something as small as a coloring book or ball can make so many children so happy!

Seeing children who have next to nothing smile and burst in excitement as if everything in their world is wonderful is truly heart-warming.

Whether it was simply the positive attention we were giving them or a true desire to learn, quickly we could tell these kids wanted to learn. They craved every moment we spent during our learning activities and it was an honor to teach them.

Though our time with them was shorter than we wanted, these kids have become my family and hold a special place in my heart. Spending time with kids who have not experienced what true parental love and care is can be emotional, but by the end of the day it delights your soul. Allies is a true inspiration for giving the children an opportunity to thrive, and better themselves beyond the circumstances of their past.