A thank you from Moldova

“But you were always with us…” This is the impression you, our supporters, and our team at Allies is making on those in need inside orphanages around the world. Recently our leaders in Moldova shared this story and we want to pass it along to you:

"This year in the orphanage in Hancesti, six children are finishing the last 9th grade. Due to Covid-related restrictions, the end-of-school celebrations have been canceled. We found out about this when we were in Hancesti last week. Then we suggested to the director to organize a party for the children. To our delight, he agreed. We bought sweets and gifts for the children.

Nastya Karapuz came to us to help with the celebration. The children were happy when they saw us, because it was a surprise for them. It was a wonderful holiday! Joy, laughter, merriment reigned at the table. We played with the children, held games, contests, and quizzes.

Many kind words were said from teachers and children as parting words to the graduates. We also congratulated the teachers on the end of the school year and presented gifts for them.

And at the end we prayed for children and teachers.
After the end of the program, the director, teachers, and children came to hug and thank us. It was a great pity to part, especially with the graduates. But we are looking forward to meeting the rest of the guys and hope we will be able to see the graduates as well.

During the program, one of the teachers, Svetlana, stood up and thanked Allies for participating in the children’s lives. 'There are those who came to us from time to time,' she said, 'but you were always with us. Not only in joyful, but also in the most difficult moments. There is nothing more valuable than the confidence that you are loved and always ready to support. Thank you for that’.

I just wanted to share this with you and thank you again for your friendship and cooperation over the past 7 years. God bless you. We hug and pray for you."