Nyasura Revival Baptist Church

We’re so excited to be partnering with pastor Jeremiah Motomoto in Tanzania, who leads the Nyasura Revival Baptist Church and outreach programs in the area.

Allies and the Nyasura church are currently supporting 21 orphans. The stories of these children vary. Some have lost both parents. Others come from very poor families, and some are living with single parents who cannot support them.

Allies was also able to support the construction of a new worship center for the church. Along with that, we’re excited to share this news: nine new believers who came to Jesus and joined the Nyasura Revival Baptist Church. We do thank God for His blessings!

We had a wonderful gathering in our new sanctuary for a children and youth conference. Almost 800 children and teens attended. Paster Jeremiah taught from the book of Psalms. After preaching 65 youths came to Jesus.