Christmas blessings!

The year 2021 ended up very happily for many single moms and their children in Krasnodar. Over 50 children were visited by 15 volunteers and received special gifts for Christmas in Krasnodar.

The volunteers invited individuals and organizations to participate in collecting sweets and treats for children raised by a single parent.

Many responded.

The National Guard provided food items, such as rice, buckwheat, noodles, waffles, cookies and condensed milk. A local ad agency provided bags of chocolates and other sweets. Many other people donated sweets.

Families were full of joy as the volunteers showed up with bags of sweets and other goodies for the kids. But all those blessings were not the only blessings they received, because on New Year’s Eve our leaders and volunteers in Krasnodar received a phone call from the post office excitedly and frantically telling them they had received a big surprise and needed to get it before the post office closed for the holiday.

Galya, one of our leaders, and her young boys took their scooter and walked/rode to the post office to see what all the chatter was about. The post office manager helpfully came out through the back door and gave them the box. The kids thanked her with chocolate candies, then curiously opened the big box. To their surprise, it was a big box of blessings from Allies! More special gifts for the kids! Galya and company were able to deliver them the same evening – with the kids using their scooters to help transport them – and bring more wonder and joy into the hearts of the distressed in Krasnodar. The adventure didn’t stop there though. They received another big box of blessings on Russian Christmas eve, and delivered it in the same fashion!

God is good and has a special heart for orphans and single moms and dads. Through you, our partners and donors, we were able to show this love and care to those in need in the most special ways during the Christmas holiday. Amazing blessings, special days! Thank you so much for blessing single moms and children in Krasnodar!