Ukraine Update March 4: Blankets

March 4, 2022 – Today we visited the Refugee Center in the village of Chimisen. As of today, there are about 160 people in the Center.

We were asked to buy blankets and we were happy to do so. When we brought them, Svetlana, who came with her two children from Odessa a couple of days ago, and was now helping us, took one of the blanket in her hands and said, "Oh, how warm and soft it is!"

Then Sveta smiled sadly and said, "Just like the one I had at home..."

She held him even tighter to her and said, smiling broadly, "That's the one, so native, from Odessa..."

We prayed with Svetlana, and then we talked about Christ. We prayed with Katya and Marina, and then with several other families.

We prayed for those who remained in their homeland, for peace in Ukraine, we prayed that the bloodshed would stop – that in this terrible, desperate time, people would find hope through faith in Christ.

I'm sure you know well for yourself that when you talk to people going through such terrible things, share the gospel with them, and minister to them with love, you suddenly realize that they are no longer strangers to you.

I understand better and better the words of Clive Lewis, who once said, "Don't waste time wondering if you love your neighbor; act as if you love him."