You Helped More Than 30,000 Ukrainians Through Allies Network

We receive reports daily of how your donations are directly saving lives through evacuations  and how you’re providing food, medicine, and other supplies for those still in Ukraine and for refugees in neighboring countries. Your support evacuated more than 1,300 Ukrainians from hot spots of the war, and through a partnership with a U.S. shipping company, Allies used your donations to send humanitarian aid by air to immediately help 1,660 people in Ukraine. Currently, Allies has been able to assist more than 19,000 refugees.

Your support also sends Allies area leaders and their teams of volunteers to visit and care for more than 4,000 orphans in Ukrainian orphanages. They deliver aid to those orphanages as well as to foster and adoptive families, single mothers, the elderly, and others in need. 

Tatiana, area leader in Nikolaev, Ukraine, shared the dangerous reality of trying to make some of these deliveries and the courage of the Allies teams as they continue to serve others. She wrote, "In the city of Sirena, the regional state administration was shelled, but they, like soldiers of Christ, were not afraid. I praise the Lord, He helped them reach their destination without any problems. Thanks to the drivers who are not afraid of difficulties, but boldly go with God and deliver help. We loaded potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, flour, cereals, sunflower oil, hygiene products, sweets for children, and diapers. May people see in this the answer from the Lord to their prayers. I sincerely thank everyone for material help and for your prayers.” 

In Moldova, Allies area leaders Pastor Vasile and Nadya visit four different refugee centers with an estimated total of 7,000 refugees on a regular basis. Not only do they meet physical needs, but they also take time to comfort refugees, pray with them, and share the love of Jesus. Pastor Vasile wrote: "People with tears shared their pain, fears, and anxieties. We talked about comfort and hope in Christ, and then we prayed together. And thank God after that, people wiped away their tears, calmed down, and began to smile."

He also shared how one refugee center administrator thanked Allies for the help and said, “At the very beginning, many people came with help, now they come less and less. And we understand it. Thank you for not forgetting us. In fact, apart from you, few people remember.” Pastor Vasile added, “Thank you very much Allies for your prayers and support so that we can continue to serve people."

Thank you to our donors who are literally saving lives and meeting many needs during a difficult time for the people of Ukraine.