Lena's Coat

We all have the right to make our own choice, even if it is not what we should do. This is the topic of our meeting, “Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy Choice.” We talked about how Sidra and Meshach refused food so they could stay awake for their journey; Abednego also went without food because of religious reasons- he was an Israelite preparing himself before God's service began in earnest at nightfall while his two companions were fasting during daylight hours. They didn’t want to be defiled. This story shows you that there are plenty more things out there than just nutritionists telling us which foods will help maintain good health.

We played games and quizzes. The children tasted mango and pineapple for the first time. They enjoyed delicious pies, juice and croissants. They also showed a cartoon about what and how much to eat. We gathered the children who constantly come to us and took them to the bathhouse (banya). We had two hairdressers with us that day as well, so each child could get their hair done in style.

They made sure everyone enjoyed the delicious pizza and looked neat before leaving. We also helped out Lena, a girl aged 12 years old. It's great seeing how much happiness can be found just by giving something simple like clothing --a coat, a hat, and a jacket. In the past six months, I've come to know Lena really well and she's become like a sister. It breaks my heart that her mom doesn't care about her at all--she never works anywhere and would always complain about being sick instead of trying again on her own two feet. This makes Lena’s life tough. She skips meals at school, making her feel abandoned as well.

Lena wore mom’s fur coat, which made her look more like a big dog of an Alabai breed. We didn’t want to shock people and we couldn’t stand watching her in such attire, so we brought Lena to a second-hand store (thrift store) and bought everything she needed: a coat, a hat, and a jacket. It costed quite some money from Allies.

In the photo, Lena is dressed in the things we bought for her. We try to keep in close touch with Lena. When the girl started going to church, she began attending a children's choir. There is an amazing dynamic! Praise God! My name is Tatiana and I've been working with kids for about a year now; getting more attached every day to them as well. Since the fall of 2022, we decided on organizing this theater club for children who constantly come to us. So far, there are seven people who responded. I am so excited to work with these children. We've been learning poems and preparing scenes, but in March, we want to make a holiday for parents, too! The more creative our young ones are the better. I know that will make their day brighter because it's something different from what they usually do on school days or weekdays.

The joys of performing arts can really help boost their self-esteem and also cultivate discipline.