Flashback: Rescuing Ukrainian Orphans 1 Year Ago

Everything started on February 24th

In Jesus name..In Jesus name…children are praying...

We gathered to leave and here we hear warning sirens, we are waiting outside when it will stop, so we can go. We made signs “Children”, so they will let us go through. We wait for time to go.

So, we are leaving the village, we took some other kids who stayed at grandmas. We have 22 people with us (17 children). We are going to save our lives, we are leaving our houses to save our lives from the war.

I believe that soon everything will be fine and the war will be ended and we will return to our houses with our children.

We pray with kids constantly. Our children like prayer warriors, they pray constantly.

We pray day and night. We spend our night and days in prayer and praise. We pray and pray constantly. And may we always pray and praise God, now during the war and when peace comes.

I believe a new generation of children is forming now, generation of praying children. And this new generation will bring awakening to this world.

Here is the terrible traffic, line of waiting cars for many kilometres. We were driving for many hours and now such a long line of cars, and you cannot see where it ends. Here...it is just a nightmare…I do not know when we will arrive.

We arrived, we are in the church in Cherkasi. The pastor Vecheslav is hosting us. There you can see children. He gave us a tour around the church. And it is so cool here and we were even offered to take a shower. They made us feel wonderful and we are so grateful to them. Here is pastor Vecheslav…”Praise the Lord“, he said.

It is snowing… in March... it is a long way ahead of us. I use wipes to wipe my face, this keeps me awake. This is our journey of refugees, refugees who are leaving their town.

Very cold and humid, children just want to sit.

We were walking till night to cross the board. 

Our elderly parents lived in the basement.

We have such a situation here, we need to evacuate old people, women and children.

Right now we are getting people together to take them away from this village.

We already have people: old people, children. Everything is broken and destroyed in the village. So sad, so sad.