A Trip to the Science Museum!

Welcome to Leonardo Science Park! On our trip here with the children, including some newcomers to the orphanage, we explored the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, rides and mazes. From experiencing the power of a tornado to hearing the melodies of lightning, this is a place where kids of all backgrounds can have a magical and educational experience, and the children really enjoyed it!

The kids learned all kinds of things including various illusions and mazes. The science exhibition hall featured various natural, physical and mathematical phenomena. It was a new experience for many. Then children were also able to experience the rides area. The encounter with the tornado, the opportunity to be in the epicenter of the hurricane, as well as seeing a real water funnel and hearing a melody of lightning - caused pure delight in the children! 

It was especially nice to see the eyes of the children who had just arrived at the orphanage and went on such a trip for the first time. These newcomers were surprised that we could manage to hold such events every month.

Last year we visited the Einstein Science Museum, which had similar exhibits. This time the children refreshed their knowledge they had previously acquired and learned something new. 

To end our trip, we went to the mall as per tradition to visit the cafe. The children all got full and returned home in the best of moods. Besides food, I also gave the orphanage an inflatable pool that hopefully will bring joy to the children for many years to come.

Educating children is essential to the future of our society and world. It is through education that children gain knowledge and understanding, enabling them to build the skills needed to lead productive and meaningful lives. Education helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to think independently and creatively. It also provides them with the necessary foundation for a successful career.