A Wonderful Visit to Children in Sierra Leone

Allies was welcomed with open arms by the children of the Joshua’s Network and Truth of God Foundation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The day was full of joy and excitement as the kids learned how Allies was dedicated to mentoring them and helping them have a better future.

They were taught about Jesus’s love for them and how they could express that same love and value to others. The children put on a play depicting Jesus, His disciples, and little children, and took part in many activities that promoted love, care, and peace. In addition, tailor-made clothes were distributed to the kids, making the day even more special. All of this was capped off with a shared meal and a reminder of moral lifestyle and standards. Thanks to Allies, the children had a day they will never forget.

New volunteer Alice's life changed drastically when she traveled to Kenema. There, she became acquainted with a poor and isolated family living near her house. Drawn to them, she began to spend much of her free time helping to provide for the family. She wanted to do more for them, so she asked them if they would like to be relocated to the city. Excited about the offer, the family accepted. Through her hard work, she managed to relocate them last year to the city, where they are now living happily. Alice's example of love is something they had never experienced before.

Alice's selflessness and compassion has overflowed into the lives of these children as well, during this new Allies visit. Her unrelenting dedication and kindness is apparent and will forever change the lives of the kids as they continue building their relationship. I am grateful and express my gratitude and love for Alice. Her story serves as a reminder of how one person can make a difference in the lives of others.

One of the children, Gabriel, burst into tears as the children sang a song about how "Jesus loves the little children." I decided to talk with him. He explained how he had felt the love of Jesus and the support that Allies had given him. When he was three years old his father had abandoned them and his mother had been struggling to care for him. They had to sell plums and bush fruits just to make ends meet.

For the past three years, however, Gabriel had been taken care of by a foundation. Today, he felt unusually loved and cared for, as he encountered some new friends. Afterward he felt that his new friends had come to help and to show them they were worth something. It was indeed a blessing and a timely intervention that Allies has made to us.


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