Angelina's Journey of Service and Transformation

At 19, Angelina's childhood dream of joining an orphanage ministry became a reality, a testament to the power of faith and timing. Her prayers were answered when she was given the chance to serve at a camp—an opportunity that marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Despite the uncertainties of attending a retreat with her two-month-old baby, financial concerns, and the long journey ahead, Angelina remembered her promise to God: never to let her service be dimmed by life's changes.

The retreat from December 27th to January 5th was more than an event. It was a calling. Angelina arrived with hope and a heart full of expectations. She wished to witness the same transformative experiences with the children that many leaders before her had shared. And so she stepped into this new chapter, her faith guiding her through the unknown.

Among the many children Angelina met, Daniel stood out. A 16-year-old boy whose bright smile belied a history of neglect and pain left an indelible mark on her. As Daniel shared his heart-wrenching story, Angelina realized the impact the retreat was having on him. His growing belief in God was fueled by the consistent love and faith he witnessed. This was a powerful affirmation.

As the retreat came to a close, Angelina reflected on her decision to attend. It wasn't just about fulfilling her own spiritual needs. It was about making a difference in the lives of others. The retreat had reinforced her belief in her mission and the undeniable presence of God and his resolve to complete his work. Daniel's journey towards faith and his newfound interest in Scripture were a clear sign that their paths were part of a greater plan.