A Special Message From Allies Regional Director of Africa

Grace and Peace from God our Father be multiplied to you all, my friends. I am Chief Melvin Fillie, Regional Curator in Africa, working with 12 Leaders, 757 Children, and 88 Volunteers across eight countries: Namibia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ghana, Gambia, Algeria, and Cape Town, South Africa. Last year, we witnessed significant life-changing developments for both children and volunteers.

It is indeed a great blessing to have Allies, especially in Africa, where numerous vulnerable orphans, underprivileged, and street children exist due to underdevelopment, poverty, and mass illiteracy, among other challenges. Our program uniquely equips hundreds of children with knowledge and skills, thereby building confidence and hope for their future, which will, in turn, contribute to liberating Africa as a whole.

The children are also taught about God's love, and our ministry serves as an example by showing love to thousands in Africa. Today, we are greatly blessed as we now see traumatic, deprived, frustrated, and helpless children being healed and recovering, gaining value and confidence for their futures. Basic needs (food, clothing, gifts, etc.) are also provided for the children.

I offer my profound gratitude to God for the opportunity to serve, to all donors who have immensely and unwaveringly provided resources to elevate hundreds of children in Africa, to the CEO and the Administration for their passion, knowledge, and timely initiatives in supporting Africa's children so generously, and to all Leaders and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to serving children across Africa, ensuring our future is bright and secure.

Once more, I thank you all as we work towards a greater future.