Allies Host Indoor Event in Omsk Region

Allies recently hosted an indoor event at an orphanage in Isilkul, in the Omsk region, in which kids got to hang out and play games with Allies leaders and volunteers. One of the Allies leaders gave a summary of the day's events.

"Together with Elena and 4 students, we went to Isilkul for the first time in the new year. First, we had some lunch served by the kids, then we had some social skills activities, then we played basketball, and finally cooked pizza together and talked to younger kids. The kids enjoyed all what we did with them, especially the training activities. Some of the younger kids who were shy, now open up and express their emotions freely. Some older kids say that they would like to have more one-to-one or small group training with a psychologist who is not affiliated with the orphanage."