Children Receive Music Lessons, Make Debut Performance

Music can influence mood and uplift the spirit. Orphans in Chisinau would unequivocally agree, having recently experienced the power of music with the help of Allies volunteers.

Tudor, a student of the conservatory of music, has been giving lessons to the children in the orphanage during periodic visits with his co-volunteers. The lessons have been positively received, and during this latest visit, the children presented their first performance.

"I am so grateful that have come to visit us," 14-year-old Juliya said. "I very much like the lessons that Tudor has given us."

Because the weather was poor, much of the activities for the day, which included games and contests, were held inside the center. While the musical performance was the highlight of the program, the Allies volunteers made sure to devote time to discussing the Bible. Maxim, another volunteer, opened the floor to questions – and the children eagerly participated! So many interesting questions were asked, such as "How do we pray properly?", "What does God look like?" and "Are there angels?" Suffice it to say, it was a fruitful discussion, after which they prayed together and sang a few songs. The children were also given gifts and treats.

"I believe that serving others is a very important aspect in life," volunteer Alina shared. "Seeing these children made me realize they need more love than others. I want as much as I can to show them God's love, and to let them know that we are interested in them."




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