Children Bond Through Friendly Conversation and Cake

An exercise in kindness and positive social interaction was the highlighted activity during an Allies volunteer team’s Easter visit to an orphanage in Omsk. There was a handful of children and young teens –30 in all – and the volunteers, some of whom had joined previous trips, did their best to engage them in the most meaningful way.

The children, whose ages range from 4 to 8, were divided into small groups. Dasha, a returning volunteer, showed prowess in organizing the children’s group activities. Isa, another returning volunteer who is studying to be a social worker, also used her skills to keep the day productive. A multi-lingual Polish exchange student who is studying to become a social worker was able to encourage the children to open up and interact.

Through the group sessions, the children learned how to pay compliments to each other, share personal anecdotes and discover their similarities and differences. Many of the children wanted to be hugged and played with, to which the volunteers happily obliged.

As for the teenagers, the volunteers arranged a friendly game of volleyball outside the center. Natasha, 17, was of great assistance to the volunteers that day, helping them organize the teams and proving her intelligence and creativity in other activities.

To wrap up the day, everyone gathered around and feasted on Easter cakes, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and collectively looking forward to the volunteers’ next visit.



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