Allies’ Light Shining – Even to Teachers and Administrators of Children’s Centers

Only God has the power to change and transform our hearts. Every encounter with Him – big or small – can move us to do things that touch other people’s lives in ways that sometimes go beyond our imagination. Something as simple as visiting orphans at a children’s center can produce extraordinary results.

“It was very interesting to see how our relationship became stronger not only with the children, but also with the administration and educators of the children’s center,” an Allies volunteer in Chisinau recounted from their most recent trip. “This time, one of the teachers praised what we were doing, telling us that despite our young age, we live not just for ourselves, but for others as well. ‘You want to change children’s lives,’ that teacher said, and asked us to continue coming to the center. They were all grateful for our presence.”

That particular day started out like any other visit, with the children excitedly meeting the volunteers at the gate. After exchanging greetings, Max, one of the volunteers, conducted a few contests and games in the yard. Taking advantage of the fair weather, they continued their activities in the gazebo, singing a few songs and making each other laugh.

A young girl named Caroline, who is known for being shy, came out of her shell and wholeheartedly sang and played with the others. The volunteers were pleasantly surprised to see such a change, but they also knew God had made it possible. This encouraged them to share how God has changed their lives, and that steadfast faith is what helps believers overcome struggles and challenges.

“Really, only God can change a person so much that he would spend his time and money in order to help those he does not know – and to do it with so much love, too! That is amazing,” Vanya, one of the children, expressed with sincerity. The volunteers were touched by her words, as they took it to mean that the children understand why they are motivated to visit the center again and again.

“We keep praying for each of these children. We pray for their salvation so that they would have hope in Jesus Christ,” the volunteers said.

Stories like this strengthen our resolve to share God’s love with orphaned children, who have spent most of their young lives struggling with poverty, abandonment and volatile family relationships. Your participation fuels this revolutionary empowerment, and we invite you to explore the many different ways in which you can get involved in order to help us save more lives.


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