Collective Action Bears Bigger Fruits!

There is strength in numbers, even if it’s across lands and seas. Children and young teens in Eastern European orphanages do not much have to satisfy their day-to-day needs. Thanks to many generous, faithful partners like you, Allies volunteers never visit children’s centers empty-handed. In Bryansk, an assortment of items – which were determined based on a “wish list” – were distributed to teens at the social center. Their joy and gratitude were bubbling.

“Thank you very much for the gifts,” Juliya said. “I am so very glad to see you!”

Among the most treasured treats were construction paper for creative activities, a watch specifically designed for the blind, a MP3 player, and a cross with a chain.

The teens also received clothes, slippers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, notebooks and soft blankets. These were collected by Allies friends and donors in Texas and assisted by the local church, which not only gave donations, but also provided the special watch and the MP3 player.

For that particular trip, the Allies volunteers did not prepare any big events. Instead, they focused on learning more about the teenagers' life in the center. They discovered that they were eager to communicate, and spend time walking around the city.

Members of the church, many of whom are living on their small pension, do as much as they can to help despite having limited resources themselves. This is why any assistance that comes from outside the community is valued and appreciated.

“Before visiting them, I thought I led a complicated life. That I am sick and have many problems,” volunteer Dmitriy shared. “But there, I understood just how happy I am. They are wonderful people. They are doing a great job.”

In return for the love and kindness they received that day, the orphans presented the volunteers with simple but meaningful gifts: paper rabbits and swans. The team was immensely touched and humbled by the gesture.

“Thank you for finding time to visit us,” Sergey, one of the young teens in the center, told volunteers. “We love to spend time with you. We are looking forward to seeing you again.”

Truly, when all of us come together, there is so much we are able to do for these amazing children. In Bryansk and other Eastern European regions, there are many orphans who stand to benefit from experiencing Christ’s redemptive love through our collective action and effort. Allies is grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to saving more lives together with you!