Faith with Action – How is it Affecting the Orphans?

Our belief and faith in Christ is a precious gift from the Lord. As with anything in our life though, it is not meant to be kept to ourselves. Often, we are called to step out of our comfort zones so we may share it with others.

A life following Jesus is a life lived in love, but also sacrifice, which means reaching out to those in need and demonstrating God’s Word in action. “Faith without works is dead,” Nikolay told orphans in a children’s center in Chisinau as he read from the Bible. He and his fellow Allies volunteers discussed this lesson with the children during a recent visit to help them better understand faith in God and selflessness, and encourage their spiritual growth.

The children – giddy with happiness to see the volunteers again and for the chance to play outside – were receptive to the lesson. There was quiz on their previous Bible lessons – and they all participated without hesitation. They sang their hearts out too!

“You cannot even imagine how important your mission is. Your love towards the children and friendship with them… it’s all important,” Lubov, a teacher at the orphanage, told the volunteers. “They have grown attached to you, and have come to love everyone. They look forward to your every visit.”

Tatiana, a new volunteer, said she is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with the children, as it enables her to answer God’s call to put her faith in action. She is only one of the many youth members who are signing up for volunteer activities with Allies.

We hope to continue growing our team of volunteers and partners so that more Eastern European orphans may experience the love of God through our actions. Your prayers and support are helping us empower more people to put their faith into action and share much needed love and kindness to children in need.