To Err is Human, to Forgive Divine

The Bible teaches us many valuable lessons about love for God and neighbor, of which forgiveness is often underlined. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we humbly ask our Heavenly Father to “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Indeed, forgiveness stems from love – and it also results in peace. When we forgive, we free ourselves from destructive emotions like resentment and anger. Allies volunteers in Chisinau felt that sharing this with orphans would be a good way to cap off their visits for the academic year.

“Nikolay read from the Bible, particularly passages that highlighted forgiveness,” Nadezdhar, a member of the volunteer team, reported. “Forgiveness brings us freedom. You can really forgive someone if you yourself experienced God’s forgiveness in your life.”

For these orphans, accepting God’s grace to forgive can be life-changing. Many (if not all) children who grow up and come of age in orphanages bear deep emotional wounds caused by parental separation and abandonment. Allies provides programs that equip orphans with knowledge and skills that can ensure their safety and progress outside of the orphanage. Spiritual enrichment is part of the process, and is usually done through communal activities.

Games and contests – coupled with rewards and treats – are quick to elicit smiles and laughter, but singing songs are easily the highlight of volunteer visits. In the Chisinau orphanage, the teachers and director were equally stirred by the music, participating with vigor – even doing the movements! Thankful for the shared positivity, the volunteers were able to end their program happily and wish everyone a lengthy rest before their anticipated return in September.

“We had always heard about this ministry, but it was only when we ourselves experienced volunteer work a few months ago that we understood its relevance,” volunteers Ovidiu and Adreya shared. “We now know how much these children need such support. We want to help them, and are very glad to be part of this project.”

Helping orphans in Eastern Europe through God’s Word and love is a ministry we treasure and nurture. Your help, in whatever shape or form, allows us to continue rescuing children, women and families from both material and spiritual poverty. Join us today and experience the relevance of bringing hope and joy to children in need.