Gratitude Fills Volunteers’ Hearts

Allies trains and sends volunteers to orphanages in Eastern Europe with the aim of teaching them valuable life lessons founded on God’s Word. Sometimes, however, we end up learning so much more.

“Each time I come to visit the children to help and serve them, I notice that I am getting so much more for myself from these visits,” one of our volunteers from Chisinau reported back, fresh off a trip to one of the orphanages in the region. “The time we spend with children helps you look at your life differently. You begin to appreciate everything you take for granted: family, health, friendship, the Gospel, Salvation… our relationship with Christ. You begin to treasure and be grateful for it all even more!”

It is difficult to not be moved by an encounter with young orphans, who perceive every visit from our volunteers as precious gift to be enjoyed and sing praises for. Like other children, they were excited to share about how their day – in this case, the start of their summer – went. When the volunteers talked about the story of Samson, they listened intently, not hesitating to ask questions and express their ideas. The volunteers were impressed by how the children spoke thoughtfully about the importance of trusting God and fulfilling our destiny as we walk in obedience to Him.

Saying goodbye is always a bittersweet moment. While there is a feeling of spiritual elation for spreading God’s love, there is also a sense of sadness. As the volunteers get to know more about these children’s stories – both the good and the bad – the stronger their urge to return swiftly and frequently.

“When you learn about the children’s happy and sad times, you understand that real life is much bigger than your small, cozy world,” another volunteer said. “You understand that life is filled with gratitude to God and the need to serve people who desperately need love… such a life is worth living.”

We are thankful for having been blessed with the means to make a difference in these children’s lives. God moves through all who have provided assistance and prayers. Your support has enabled us to distribute not only basic necessities and treats, but also (and more importantly) foster the bonds of friendship and family.