Together, the Work is Lighter, Better!

Many orphaned children in Eastern Europe come from broken homes that made them vulnerable to destructive behavior and unstable relationships. They have had scarce opportunities to learn important life skills like stress management, effective communication, and working harmoniously with others.

To address this, Allies volunteers in Adygea teamed up with their counterparts in Yaroslavl to design and execute a special program for orphanages in Sevostoplskiy and Shovgenovskiy. They used crafting activities and sports to teach the children how to deal with stress, communicate with their peers, and value teamwork.

“We do not have such an experience of conducting events with so many children. The orphanage we visit has only 60 children, and here you have 140!” exclaimed Nikita, a member of the Allies volunteer team in Yaroslavl. “Also, the situation here is more complex, with each suffering a disease. But together, we all managed and did a great job! I think the program was interesting and fulfilling!"

The program had the children engaged in crafting activities, turning glass and painted salt into decorative elements for picture frames and anti-stress toys. This gave the volunteers the chance to get to know the children better and communicate with them in a less structured setting. Afterwards, the children proudly shared their creations with each other, keeping the mood light and cheerful.

The sports activities followed at the gym, commencing with “cheerful starts.” The children were able to demonstrate their athletic abilities and enjoy some exercise. The day ended with an awards ceremony – and a very long goodbye between the children and the volunteers.

“Thank you for coming to visit us! It is always interesting to spend time with you,” 13-year-old Dzhanet said. “You always come up with something new. I am glad Diana, my friend, came too. I love her very much. She is always cheerful!”

When it comes to developing lasting relationships with these children, and ultimately a platform for mentorship, education and support, consistency is key. Through your help and generosity, we are able to consistently train, support and empower volunteers in Eastern Europe so that they can keep making a difference in these orphans’ lives. Your partnership is a vehicle for God’s redemptive love and hope.