Orphans Happy to Receive Gifts – But Even Happier to Welcome Back Volunteers

When you’re an orphan in Eastern Europe, the most basic necessities can be hard to come by. Even harder to have are material things that would be considered common in any household. This is why Allies volunteers try to grant orphans’ simple requests – and are able to, thanks to generous partners and supporters like you.

In Bryansk, our volunteer team was able to collect a few items that were on the orphans’ list, including threads for crafts, games, hair dye, a watch for the visually impaired, and a TV set. As expected, the orphans were very grateful to receive these gifts, but the real cause for joy that day were the volunteers themselves.

The orphans had been looking forward to and greatly anticipating the volunteers’ return, so much so that they even took the time to dress up for the occasion. Doing away with the usual games and recreational activities, they gathered in the gazebo and shared stories.

“They are so open and kind. It is so great to be with them,” volunteer Dmitriy said about the children. “They are wonderful. They have a hard life, but they do not give up. They are doing a good job.”

Nina and Sergey, who have long been in the care of the children’s center, thanked the volunteers for finding time to come back.

“Thank you for coming. We love to spend time with you. Everyone is so pleased. We look forward to seeing you again,” they said.

We feel blessed to have the means to grant these children’s wishes, but we are also humbled by the fact that what they appreciate most is our presence… our willingness to spend time and share with them what we know about God and his boundless love. Your prayers and continuous support of our ministry strengthens our will to keep going and keep empowering more precious young lives in Eastern Europe.