Trip to Grain Company Plants Seeds of Hope for the Future

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is commonly asked of children, and when they answer, we take delight in their innocent responses. We find a sense of hope and optimism in the knowledge that the youth can envision a bright and dignified future for themselves.

For Eastern European orphans, however, this is often not the case – and it’s not hard to see why. Children who are separated from friends and family suffer from the effects of abandonment and neglect. Their most immediate concern is to be loved and cared for, and future prospects are likely unclear to them.

Allies is working hard to turn the situation around for this segment of the youth. In Perlynka, our volunteers partnered with the outreach team of Alexandria Grain Company to organize a visit to the company plant that would show orphaned children and adolescents the importance of pursuing a profession – and how they could go about it.

“I want to help orphans in every possible way,” volunteer Ekaterina, a logistics and psychology major who is currently studying psycho corrective work with youth, said. “I want to give them joy and new knowledge about the world… to communicate with them, to develop their talents. The teenagers gained a lot of important and useful information through the excursion.”

During the tour, the company representatives talked about their operations and what their primary business is (grain transportation). The children and teens were visibly curious and excited to learn about the company and how each department functions and contributes. The managers were kind enough to take the teenagers for a spin in newly-acquired cars – and even let one of our volunteers sit in the director’s chair!

“I’m very much into sports, particularly football, but I was so pleased with the lesson on the importance of citizen documents,” Oleg, 13, told the volunteers.

The excursion ended with a small celebration filled with cakes, treats and sweet drinks, along with a spirited conversation among the group.

Empowering these youth is such a crucial undertaking. For orphans in Eastern Europe, it can spell the difference between life and death. When orphans realize that they too can dream, get an education and live with dignity, they can make wiser choices and keep from falling prey to societal dangers like drugs, prostitution and human trafficking. Help us strengthen our mission of love and hope in Eastern Europe – help us save more young lives today!