Stories Give Orphans Back-to-School Boost

Storytelling is a wonderful way to engage children and help them learn lessons they can bring with them well into adulthood. During every volunteer visit, there is always a time for sharing and conversation, with God’s Word as the primary source of inspirational stories and insights.

Close to the end of summer break, volunteers in Chisinau returned to the orphanage to catch up with the children and give them a back-to-school boost. The young ones were excited to talk about how they spent their summer, and the volunteers were more than happy to give them the floor.

“The more you learn about children's lives and hear their stories, the harder it is for you to be indifferent. You find yourself thinking about them, miss them and care for them. You want to know how things are going for them,” one of our volunteers expressed. “You understand their situation better and want to help them. You love them. I am thankful to God for this ministry and for the children He brought to my life.”

Apart from storytelling and sharing, there’s another thing that Allies trips are never without: gifts! Clothes were distributed and immediately the children started to try them on, beaming with joy and gratitude.

A cheerful 4-year-old named Sasha could barely contain her excitement. The volunteers kept handing out a variety of toys that at one point she exclaimed, “And these are for me, too? Thank you so much!”

It’s simply amazing how the humblest of gestures can bring immense happiness to these children. God always provides us with just enough to make sure their needs are met and, more importantly, that they feel loved. Support this amazing mission and help us to inspire and empower orphaned youth in Eastern Europe!