Children Learn the Value of Generosity and Gratitude

It feels good to receive from others, but true joy comes from giving – blessing another. Some children may find it difficult to comprehend this reality, as it is natural for them to seek nurturing and care. The need to receive and be provided for is even greater among orphans, who, through no fault of their own, come to experience deprivation and loneliness very early in their lives.

As Allies volunteers work with orphans in Eastern Europe, they make sure to teach them the value of generosity and gratitude. In Chisinau, the volunteer team uses stories from the Bible to frame their discussion, share God’s Word and talk about Jesus Christ and His exemplary life.

“I like this ministry; I like to bring joy and smiles to these children,” Ruslan, one of the volunteers, said. “I like being with them, playing with them and telling them about Jesus Christ… they really need to hear about Him. I grew up being part of a church and I understand the importance of teaching kids about Jesus, Biblical figures, God’s work throughout human history, and how it all relates to Jesus.”

Ruslan himself continues to experience the Lord’s generosity and grace. The time and energy he has dedicated to helping orphans in Chisinau has been reciprocated with the children’s openness to Scripture-based lessons.

“I like to serve these children because I feel that I could be of use to them,” he added. “The Lord changes me through this ministry and, I believe, He changes the children through my presence and my friendship in their lives. For this, I am grateful.”

Children in the orphanage need this friendship and ministry. Their lives have been defined by abandonment, self-doubt, and neglect. Only through the intervention of people like you can these children escape these feelings and replace them with love, self-worth and hope. We are thankful to you all who continue to support this important work with children like this. The generosity that we have seen time and time again from friends and partners has inspired us to do more for orphans and teens in Eastern Europe. We look forward to partnering with you to help more children in 2019. May you also be on the receiving end of His blessings, and may your hearts be filled with thanks for His goodness.