Tutoring Program Attracts Omsk Orphans

For many children in Eastern Europe, education is the key to a better future, but for orphans in Eastern Europe, we are learning that it is literally the key to saving their lives. Without it, children can go down the wrong path, or even fall prey to human traffickers. A good education is essential to their survival.

Laying the groundwork for academic success is not easy, but Allies has accepted the challenge. Our online tutoring program was designed to help orphans in high school earn the marks they need to be eligible for university, because in Russia, children only get one chance at the college entrance exam.

Dima, a 15-year-old orphan who also helps our volunteer team in Omsk, is an ideal candidate for the program. Good-natured, friendly and intelligent, Dima is well-liked by others – even by the younger children – and is in good standing with everyone.

“I spoke to the instructors and they said he is capable of taking the extra courses,” the team leader reported, “and that he should consider going to the 10th grade.” While Dima is interested in his education and possesses the intellectual skills needed to continue to a higher level, his past echoes voices of failure. Abandonment, neglect and the lack of love often suppress Dima and children like him from being able to succeed like children living at home with their family.

Only because of the support from people like you, Dima is able to receive the encouragement, mentorship and educational guidance needed to keep Dima going in the right direction. Our team of volunteers and educational professionals continue to engage Dima and the other children, encouraging them to continue with the goal of entering a university.

Seeing orphaned children and teens succeed despite their hardship is truly inspiring, and we are happy to welcome anyone looking for ways to help – even if they come from abroad. In fact, the newest members of the Omsk volunteer team are actually exchange students from the University of Texas – Arlington! Jon, one of the students, had been helping raise funds and pack gifts for orphans prior to his trip to Russia. Now, he is finally able to communicate and connect with the children in person.

Whatever your age, wherever you may be, you can get involved in this life-changing work with children in need. Your assistance enables us to sustain our mentoring and our online tutoring programs, scheduled visits and excursions, and other life-changing projects.