Opportunities – Big or Small – Bring Hope to Orphans 

There’s nothing quite like a child’s curiosity to awaken the awe in adults. A simple walk outside turned into a festive excursion for orphans of a Bryansk orphanage – and Allies volunteers were right there with them, marveling at their God-given innocent wonder.

“When we visited the children, we took them for a walk,” one of the volunteers recounted. “Outside, they were looking at everything that was in the yard, everything was so interesting to them, like they were seeing it all for the first time. They were running in different directions, curious about everything, discovering new things around. We tried to keep up with all of them and catch them.”

Orphans unfairly suffer the consequences of abandonment, and any moment that allows them to feel special and cared for creates joy and hope in their hearts. Allies volunteers give them opportunities – big and small – to experience and enjoy life. Volunteers are taught and trained to conduct activities that empower them, whether it be through experiences that promote normalcy (such as enjoying the outdoors) or receiving proper education.

“This year, the children were finally able to go to school. A specialist is working with them as well. For a long time, they did not have such an opportunity,” our volunteer in Bryansk said. “Now, we’ve even been asked to take some of the children’s work to the city for the exhibition. We have a good relationship with the director, and if there is a need, we either bring in something, or take their work somewhere.”

We are always exploring different ways to give orphans love, hope and empowering opportunities so that they may continue to bravely discover the wonderful world that God blessed us with. Your support makes all this possible! We are grateful to partner with you as we save more young lives in Eastern Europe.